Saturday 04 Nov, 2017

Starting at 9:00am

UTS Ultimo

building 6, 702 Harris St (next door to the ABC building) 2000

Keboola Singapore

Keboola Connection is ETL for the digital age. Cloud-based, data integration and automation platform that will do the 80% of data scientist’s ‘dirty work’.
ETL is the biggest part of Data Analysis that no one likes to do, but we enjoy it. We are the experts in getting data from any data source – be it SaaS, social media, storage or databases. We can connect to any API you have and get the data into one place, where it is easily accessible and transformable.
With our own platform called Keboola Connection, we deliver data projects for our customers in unprecedented fashion – speaking about time and quality. We can prepare data for reporting as well as to automate processes across an organization.

Instant Connectivity

Out of the box connectivity to hundreds of data storage solutions, business applications and marketing tools through managed components so you don’t need change your script when your data sources API gets an update. Emphasis is on easy, under an hour, connectivity to thousands of other data sources. Try it and see for yourself!

Data Science toolkit

Custom data transformation without limits. Use SQL, Python, R, Openrefine if you fancy. Run these in our platform without the need for setting up other infrastructure.

Automation and monitoring

Custom scripts to make sure your processes are running fine? No need in Keboola Connection, we have native monitoring as part of the platform, rich meta data layer and advanced alerting pinpointing your issues before your business user finds out about something being afoot.

Data platform on budget

Thanks to modern cloud environment we are proud of our performance/cost ratio. The platform licensing is also lot more scalable with lower entry level cost than competitors making it friendly for leaner, smaller organisation or smaller use cases in the enterprises without large capex.

See example of live use case:

Contact: Pavel Bulowski



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