Saturday 04 Nov, 2017

Starting at 9:00am

UTS Ultimo

building 6, 702 Harris St (next door to the ABC building) 2000


Tribalism is a digital analytics company. We have contrasting origins – in mathematics and marketing. Our specialty is data and mathematics: from storing, analysing, coding and getting insights from data and systems – especially (but not limited to) marketing systems. We have experience across the full digital marketing spectrum: SEO, SEM, Display, Social, Email as well as owned assets eg CRO.

More and more we are utilizing automation (especially of reporting) and our main interests are now in artificial intelligence and machine learning using mainly Google cloud products like BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, Shell and Tensorflow. We are experts in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, BigQuery and Data Studio.

We believe in the power but also the fallibility of data, systems and algorithms – and the need to utilize context as well as data when making decisions.

Contact: Scott Sunderland



Tel: 0404085046

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