Saturday 26 Oct, 2024

Starting at 9:00am


48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont 2009

So what should I expect at MeasureCamp?

MeasureCamp Sydney is coming up at 9:00am on Saturday 26th October. It’s an UnConference so a little different to events you may have been to before. What should you expect?

Over the weeks leading up to the event, we’ll be sending out tips and tricks to help you understand what to expect and get ready for the analytics event of the year.

Of course if you’ve realised you can’t make it, Release Your Ticket Now so that somebody else can take your place! We have a bunch of people on the waitlist waiting for it! To release your ticket, find the email from Eventbrite in your email and follow the link labelled “View and manage your order”. Failing that, send an email to and let us know.

What’s an Unconference?

The big deal with UnConferences is that they’re participant-driven. Instead of having expensive keynote speakers and a bunch of sponsors filling up the schedule, we start with a blank canvas in the morning. The session board starts wide open with space across the available rooms for each 25 minute timeslot.

What happens in a session?

The sessions end up being filled with a wide variety of different styles. A high proportion of sessions are prepared talks where you guide the audience through a topic you know in detail. Another popular format is the panel or debate style session, either a small group of experts up the front discuss a topic or a more roundtable approach where everyone gets to discuss a topic of interest.

Some sessions mix it up into a combination of talk and discussion. Another common style is to do a demonstration of a cool technology, product or technique. You stand up the front and show people, generally on a laptop, what you find cool. We ask that sessions aim to be genuinely useful for the audience, so hold back on the salesy demos.

Finally there’s the outliers: the weird, the wacky and the fun sessions. As the day wears on, some odd things end up on the session board. One year we had two people doing the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test live on stage.

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