Saturday 26 Oct, 2024

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Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Knowing your customers and meeting them on their terms rely on successfully applying data and insights. But to meet your customers’ needs where it matters, it requires a solution that can measure every touch-point, not just ad exposure or digital touch points only, and goes beyond just conversion tracking. A successful analytics solution will help you to overcome operational challenges, create revenue growth, and achieve ROI, all within a privacy-friendly tool. Adobe is here to give you a more efficient, valuable, insights-driven solution to make better business decisions and enable direct integrations to activate your insights against. Meet Adobe Customer Journey Analytics.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics is a cross-channel customer analytics solution helps you quickly understand your customers’ journeys — online and offline — giving you the insights to meet them with incredible real-time experiences at scale.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics lets you collect data from across all your engagement channels. It then puts that omnichannel data to work as it gets standardized and connected into a complete customer journey — all powered by Adobe Experience Platform. Furthermore, you can interactively explore the entire customer journey — from end to end and across channels. Adobe Customer Journey Analytics provides precise segmentation, objective attribution, and lets you understand what’s contributing to anomalies from data across channels with artificial intelligence (AI). It allows anyone responsible for customer experiences to make decisions based on a complete picture of customer interactions — from web visits to purchases to customer calls to chats.